About me.

Mandy Brown is a leadership and organizational coach and strategist with more than a dozen years experience leading resilient, diverse, remote-first teams. Her leadership style has been heralded as humane, deeply inclusive, and brave—she creates the space for people to thrive, and the work follows.

Mandy spent a decade growing and leading multi-disciplinary teams, as CEO of Editorially and as VP of Product at Vox Media. In that time, she spearheaded company-wide practices in support of inclusion and justice; developed systems for unparalleled collaboration across functions and departments; and established an open, trusted, no-bullshit leadership practice that multiplied the capabilities of the teams she served.

As co-founder and editor-in-chief of A Book Apart, she changed the way designers, developers, researchers and others work together—including with the publication of groundbreaking books about HTML5, responsive web design, and content strategy.

Since 2008, she has written regularly about work, reading, and technology at A Working Library.

Mandy turned to coaching in order to focus on the work she loves the most: helping people and teams do their best work—with integrity and care for themselves, each other, and the people they serve. If you want the same for yourself or your team, get in touch.