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Leadership & organizational coaching.

Let’s practice the future together.

Your work is changing. Maybe you’re trying to bring that change about. Maybe things are changing around you whether you like it or not. But one way or another, you have to change, too.

I work with individuals, teams, and organizations who are looking to make a change in their work with intention and integrity. As a coach, I help people and teams practice the future—to think deeply about what they need and why it matters, to craft inquiries and experiments to reflect and move forward, to write the story of what they want to be, and then to take action to make it so.

About me.

Mandy, calmly looking at the camera

Hi, I’m Mandy Brown (she/they). For over a dozen years, I led resilient, diverse, remote-first teams across the tech and media industries. I’ve been a CEO, a founder (twice), a VP, a line manager, a director, and an individual contributor. In that time, I’ve coached people up and down the career ladder and in a variety of roles—from engineers to designers, product and project managers, researchers, community managers, and writers and editors. To my coaching practice, I bring a wealth of practical experience alongside a reader’s ability to listen closely, an editor’s knack for shifting the narrative, and a product manager’s skill for managing change.


Mandy’s coaching combines the best of both empathy and pragmatism. After each one of our conversations I had clarity on how to deal with a problem that was facing me; for example, they’ve helped me to have powerful performance conversations and negotiate effectively and authentically with my peers. There are many metaphors for intelligence, and the one I would choose for Mandy is bright; her fresh, wry coaching style shone a light for me where I could not, alone, see clearly.

Alexandra Mitchell

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mandy if you’re looking to grow as a leader. She creates a safe and supportive space to explore current challenges and develop plans to tackle them. Her ability to ask insightful questions and present new perspectives has helped me feel more capable, understand my strengths, and move forward with confidence. I am incredibly grateful for her support; I’ll reference her guidance for years to come.

Kaela Gallo Senior User Research Manager, Propel

I came to Mandy without a specific set of objectives. I just knew I valued her opinion greatly and wanted her insights on growing a startup and building quality teams. Sessions have helped me gain (and maintain) a high level of clarity as I work to grow the business and support the team. I walk away from every chat energized and ready to tackle what lies ahead.

Trent Walton CEO, Luro Ventures

The more sessions I had with Mandy the richer that space became. It was like a little intimate lab where I could work on myself in relation to work and others. Her ability to listen deeply allowed me to open. If you are planning, or you find yourself, on an adventure, Mandy is a true gem of a side kick. The space she provides is the best investment you can make.

Patricio González Vivo Creative Technical Director

Mandy is a true reader at heart. She was able to read me—especially between the lines—and help me address my underlying needs from our very first session. If I ever felt overwhelmed or stuck, Mandy was patient with me and held space for us to tend to these uncomfortable feelings in a constructive way. She also has an uncanny ability to ask questions that will make you pause, change the way you view a problem, and empower your sense of what’s possible.

Monica Lee

Mandy is wonderful! She really digs deep to have you better understand why you think the way you do and what you really want. The exercises that she had me do outside of the sessions were also great ways for me to further think about what my aims are.

Maria Cristina Software engineer

Mandy had a fantastic coaching style. Very empowering, but keeps you directed and focused. This was one of my richest experiences of late.

Frederick Wells

Mandy’s industry experience was invaluable to me as I was changing jobs and figuring out where my professional aspirations lie in relation to my current and future positions. She helped me find out what I truly wanted out of a work environment, and was responsive to my goals without pushing me in any particular direction. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to figure out what the next steps in their career look like.

Ella Software developer