everything changes coaching services can help you or your team navigate change, level up your work, build healthy workplace practices, and create the conditions for organizational success.

I work with people up and down the career ladder, from individual contributors all the way up to CEOs, and in a variety of roles and organizations, from early stage startups to multinational corporations. I specialize in supporting emerging and established leaders from minoritized communities as well as allies invested in our collective liberation.

One-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching provides open, safe, and experienced support to make and sustain change in your work. Through guided introspection, you’ll learn to become more aware of your situation, challenge and revise your assumptions, practice new perspectives and possibilities, and take action with intention and integrity. Each session will create space for reflection and contemplation, short-circuiting old habits and stories that may no longer be serving you, while opening up room to develop new approaches, outlooks, and tools for doing your best work. Where appropriate, I’ll also share my own experiences about what I’ve seen work or not work, in similar situations. If you’re ready to practice your future, let’s talk.

Lab sessions

Lab sessions are short, experimental spaces where you can get coaching on a specific topic and then put it into action right away. Think of them as a pop-up laboratory where you can quickly and safely form a hypothesis, test it against what you know, then take your findings back to work. Learn more about lab sessions.

Coaching retainers

Coaching retainers provide supplementary support for a team, reducing the workload on senior leaders and giving team members more tools for navigating change, managing their careers, and resolving conflict. Adding a retainer is like having another experienced manager always on hand. It can aid with retention, reduce stress across the team, and support team resilience—even and especially during challenging times. Retainers are customized to the organization’s needs and budget, and can include a mix of regular one-on-one sessions as well as additional on-demand capacity. If you or your team could benefit from having an experienced hand on deck, reach out to learn more.

Integrated leadership labs

Integrated leadership labs combine workshop instruction with small group circles to create space for practicing new skills, reflecting on that practice, and deeply integrating it into your work. These workshops recognize that maturing as a leader requires not only knowledge but also space to experiment, explore, and refine your own unique style and perspective. The combination of workshops and a facilitated peer group creates a safe and supportive scaffolding for you or members of your team to develop dexterity in key areas of leadership. The first workshop, on sustaining healthy feedback cultures, will be in beta testing soon; sign up for the wait list for a chance to participate, and to be notified when new workshops come online.