More info on the Electrix Repeater than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! Electrix Repeater manual pdf – from the Electrix site. The uniquely styled Electrix carton should containÉ o Electrix Repeater o Warranty Card o Repeater User Manual o International Switching Power Supply ( with a. Documents, presets, manuals Electrix Repeater MKII – Audiofanzine.

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Trimming saves memory space after the unused bits are dumped.

We cannot guaranty that Repeater will work with any other brands of CFC card. They make for a great performance tool and are extremely eepeater to use. Recording is immediate and easy: If In different cases this could cause Repeater to speed the loop up to resync the beats.

Midi – Electrix Repeater User Manual

Don’t show me this message again. Barry Rudolph is an L. User mode takes the speed from the Tempo knob or Tap Tempo. To set the level, plug in your instrument and tweak the Input Level knob until the LED flickers red just on the loudest notes. Electrix Repeater manual pdf – from the Electrix site.

Other Media Files : Electrix Repeater MKII

You could have complete songs in Repeater i. Input Level – controls the input level to Repeater.

A large LED depeater what’s going mmanual at all times, and there are rotary Loop and Tempo controllers for selecting loops and editing parameters. Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth. Electrix Repeater News Archive – past news about the Repeater.

Any Repeater users out there want to help out? This memory is volatile memory, so if you lose power to Repeater, you will lose the data. Read the Press Release. Once the first loop finishes, the next loop seamlessly hooks rpeater to it. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and Electrix, a div.

You can pick other looping points and trim loops via the extensive editing functions. These are just a taste of some of the great features in Repeater. Repeatr you are interested, want to provide a review, user tips, or have any information on using the Repeater for looping, please contact us. Electrix Repeater specs pdf – from the Electrix site.

Repeater are Sandisk, Simple technologies, Kingmax and our own cards. Repeater will stay in record and play until you press Record again.

If you change the tempo of the. If you do not record through the entire length of the loop Repeater will auto- matically keep recording until the end of the loop. While it is held down the display says ” ” and the tracks to be sent mxnual be selected by the Track Select buttons which are lit to indicate the selected tracks to be sent out the insert.

Electrix Repeater Loopstation (with Box, Manual and Memory Card) | #

Visit his Web site at: I like the “grungy” sound you pick up when changing tempos. Repeater User’s Comments at Harmony Central. Repeater commentary from the Looper’s Delight Mailing List Archive – this is a search for just the first 3 months after shipping.

Press Play wlectrix re-trigger the loop on the downbeat or press the Tap Tempo once to realign the. CFCs are the only way to store audio, because after powering down, anything in internal RAM goes to digital heaven.

Internal loops can be copied to a CFC.

In the absence of an input signal the beat detection software will lock onto the last stable tempo and hold there. Page 12 Tempo Lock button for 1 sec- ond. If you’re here, chances are elechrix already know what this unit is and what it does.

In addition, the Slip, Pan, and Pitch controls are available and can be tweaked. The drum loop still only takes up one bar’s worth of memory. They say they plan to introduce new products, but no word on what they are. Repeater was designed for creative people, and as a tool to spark the creative process.